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The following definitions will apply to this Policy (where applicable):
1. Accident or Accidental refers to an unforeseen and involuntary event.
2. Dog refers to the dog:
(a) whose name is shown in the Policy Schedule or renewal certificate or endorsement (if applicable);
(b) on whose life this Policy is effected and is aged between three (3) months and seven (7) years; and
(c) staying with you at the address stated in the application or such other address in Singapore as stated in any endorsement.
3. Injury refers to bodily injury sustained in an Accident and not by or through any other cause, illness or disease.
5. Insured Amount refers to the amount shown in relation to the relevant benefit on the PolicySchedule or renewal certificate or on any endorsement (if applicable), and which is used to determine the amount of benefits payable under this Policy.
6. Period of Insurance shall be such period as specified in the Policy Schedule, endorsement or renewal certificate.
7. Policy refers to:
(a) this document;
(b) the Policy Schedule;
(c) the application;
(d) renewal certificate; and
(e) any endorsements.
8. Policy Date refers to the date stated on the Policy Schedule or endorsement (if applicable), whichever is later, and refers to the date when coverage under this Policy takes effect. The date from which policy years, policy months, policy anniversaries and Premium Due Dates are determined shall be derived from the date stated on the Policy Schedule.
9. Premium Due Date refers to the date when the premium payment under this Policy is due.
10. Treatment shall mean any examination, consultation, advice, tests, X-rays, medication, surgery, nursing and care provided by a veterinary practice or if instructed by a Veterinarian.
11. Veterinarian refers to a veterinary surgeon registered with the AVA (Agri-food and Veterinary Authority) in Singapore.
12. We, “us” or “our” refers to AIA Singapore Private Limited (Reg. No.201106386R).
13. You or “your” refers to the applicant and owner of this Policy whose name is shown in the Policy Schedule or renewal certificate or endorsement (if applicable) and shall mean the owner of the Dog.
Wherever the context requires, unless specified otherwise, words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice versa; and words importing a specific gender shall include all other genders.


We will pay the purchase price of your Dog or the Insured Amount, whichever is lower, for each Period of Insurance if your Dog is not found within 28 days of being reported stolen from the address stated in the application or such other address in Singapore as stated in any subsequent endorsement.
There shall be a deductible of S$250 payable by you for each claim.
If your Dog is found after we have made payment of the claim under this benefit, you are to pay back such amounts received from us under this Policy.


We will indemnify you up to the Insured Amount for each Period of Insurance that you will be held legally liable to pay as compensation for:
a) Injury inflicted by your Dog to any person (not being your Household Member) in Singapore and provided that at the time of the occurrence of the event giving rise to the Injury, such person is not engaged by you for services; or
b) Accidental loss or damage by your Dog to property in Singapore belonging to any person.
Property belonging to you or under your control is not covered. Property belonging to or under the control of your Household Member or persons engaged by you for services is also not covered.
If your Dog together with other dogs are involved in causing the above Injury or damage, we will only pay for the share or portion of the Injury or damage which we determine to be caused by your Dog.
This will apply even if the other dogs belong to you.
Only the following items are covered under this benefit:
(i) compensation and costs awarded against you by a court of law; and/or
(ii) legal cost and expenses for conducting your defense incurred with our prior written approval.
There shall be a deductible of S$1,000.00 payable by you for each claim.


Subject to the terms applicable to the relevant sections of this Policy, this Policy shall not apply to any loss that is caused directly or indirectly, partly or wholly by any of the following occurrences:
s a) war, hostilities (whether declared or not), terrorist activity, revolution, military or usurped power, civil commotion or such similar events;
b) radioactive contamination, nuclear fallout or other similar events;
c) congenital or hereditary defects or diseases;
d) elective or cosmetic procedures;
e) expression or removal of anal glands or anal sacculitis;
f) breeding or conditions related to breeding;
g) special diets, pet foods, vitamins, minerals supplements or transporting expenses, grooming costs and vaccinations;
h) diseases which are preventable by vaccines;
i) vicious tendencies or behavioral problems shown by your Dog;
j) orthodontics, endodontics and removal of deciduous teeth;
k) diagnosis, medical management or surgical correction of anterior cruciate ligament damage or rupture;
l) diagnostic tests and Treatments for conditions excluded or limited by this Policy;
m) skin problems caused by allergies or parasites;
n) sexually transmitted diseases, rabies, epidemic outbreaks whether vaccinated against or not, or any disease suffered by your Dog for which you are required by law to notify to the relevant public authority;
o) organ transplants;
p) consequential loss;
q) any loss which is a result of you breaking the Singapore regulations including any regulations on animal health and import of animals;
r) pre-existing conditions which refers to any physical condition or the existence of any illness, disease or Injury that was diagnosed, treated, or for which drugs were prescribed or a Veterinarian was consulted, within 12 months prior to the Policy Date;
s) an Injury related to your Dog being pregnant or having puppies;
t) castration (including castration for cryptorchidism);
u) charges for ambulance service unless in cases of emergency for which the Veterinarian confirms that such ambulance service is essential for your Dog’s health and well-being;
v) any birth-related Injury;
w) fees for the cost of any Treatment your Dog has received after the Period of Insurance;
x) resulting from any illness for which compulsory vaccinations against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus were not carried out;
y) arises from a malicious, wilful or criminal act by:
(i) you or someone acting on your behalf;
(ii) someone caring for or in control of the Dog;
(iii) one of your Household Members, relatives, agents, employees, licensees, paying guests, someone living with you;
(iv) other person in contractual relationship with you; or
z) dog breeds of the following: Mastiffs, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier,
American Pit Bull Terrier, Argentina Dog, Canary Dog, American Bulldog or a dog crossed with any dog crossed with any of these breeds and/or wolves.


In addition to the other terms, conditions and general exclusions of this Policy, the benefit under Part 4 of Section 2 (Loss of Dog due to Theft) will also not cover any liability arising directly or indirectly, partly or wholly from:
a) theft of your Dog not involving forcible or violent entry to a secure area, such as a pen or your home; or
b) if you or anyone looking after your Dog has freely parted with it, even if tricked into doing so.


In addition to the other terms, conditions and general exclusions of this Policy, the benefit under Part 5 Section 2 (Third Party Liability) will also not cover any liability arising directly or indirectly, partly or wholly from:
a) any incidents that take place, directly or indirectly, as a result of your profession, occupation or business;
b) compensation, costs and expenses arising from your contractual obligations;
c) if you, or any person who lives with you, or are engaged by you for services are responsible for or are looking after the property that is damaged;
d) if you have not followed instructions specifically given to you by the previous owners or re-homing organisation about the behavioral pattern of your Dog;
e) if you violate or attempt to violate the law or resist arrest;
f) air, water or soil pollution, unless the pollution is a result of an Accident involving your Dog;
g) your Dog fighting with other animals; or
h) any deliberate acts by you or your Household Members.


The due observance and fulfillment of the terms and conditions of this Policy in so far as they relate to anything to be done or not to be done by you and the truth of the statements and answers in the application shall be conditions precedent to any liability on us to make any payment under this Policy.
In addition to the other terms and conditions of this Policy, the following are conditions precedent to any liability under this Policy for which you will provide all relevant documents (including but not limited to the health certificate and vaccination card) at your own expense to show satisfaction of the relevant conditions:
a) you will provide proper care and attention at all times to your Dog, which includes arranging, and
paying for any Treatment normally recommended by your Veterinarian to prevent or reduce the risk of illness or Injury;
b) your Dog has undergone annual vaccinations as may be recommended by the Veterinarian and carried out under veterinary supervision. Your Dog in particular has to be vaccinated against distemper,hepatitis, leptospirosis and parvovirus;
c) your Dog must be in perfect health and free from Injury, illness, physical disability and disease at the time of application up to our acceptance of your application unless this has been disclosed by you and accepted by us;
d) your Dog must be licensed or implanted with a microchip; and
e) there are not more than two (2) dogs (inclusive of your Dog under this Policy) in your household.
You agree that you will release or procure the release of any information that we may require concerning your Dog from the Veterinarian that has treated your Dog. Any expenses or fees charged by the Veterinarian for the release of such information will be solely borne by you.
This Policy is only for the Period of Insurance as shown on Policy Schedule or renewal certificate, as the case may be, which cover will be subject to the provisions of this Policy.
This Policy is a legally enforceable agreement between you and us. We agree to provide the benefits set out in this Policy in exchange for the premiums paid by you.
We will rely on the information provided to us in deciding whether or not to accept your application. All statements made in your application are, in the absence of fraud, regarded as representations and not warranties. In other words, you must answer all the questions in your application accurately, and reveal all the facts you know, or ought to know. Otherwise, we can void or deny a claim or vary the terms and conditions under this Policy.
(a) Time for Notice of Claim
You shall, on the occurrence of any loss or damage, give us written notice within 30 days of such occurrence.
(b) Proof of Claim
You shall submit a claim in writing to us at your own expense within 30 days after occurrence of such loss or damage for which a claim may be made under this Policy with such detailed particulars including the possibility of retaining such damaged items and proofs as may be required by us and affirmative proof must be furnished at your expense together with any official statement of accounts and receipts.
(c) Medical Examination
We shall have the right and opportunity to examine the Dog when and as often as it may reasonable require during the pendency of the claim, and also the right and opportunity to require an autopsy to be conducted in the case of death.
(d) Sufficiency of Claim
There must be sufficient particulars in the notice of claim to enable us to identify you or your Dog.
(e) Form for Filing Proof of Loss
We will, upon receipt of such notice, furnish to the claimant such forms for filing proof of loss.
(f) Payment of Loss
Each claim for loss shall be adjusted separately. When the amount of each loss is determined after adjustment, the applicable deductible amount in the Policy shall be subtracted before we pay the net amount.
(g) Additional claim documents for Part 1 of Section 2 (Accidental Death) (Loss of Dog due to Theft)
The original receipts or invoices indicating the purchase price of your Dog must be submitted for any claims made under Part 1 of Section 2 (Accidental Death) and Part 4 of Section 2 (Loss of Dog due to Theft).
(h) Legal Proceedings
No proceedings may be commenced against us prior to the expiration of 60 days after filing and furnishing written proof of loss to us in accordance with the terms of this Policy. Under no circumstances should such proceedings be commenced against us after two (2) years from the earlier of the date on which written proof of loss has been or should be so furnished in accordance with the terms of this Policy.
(i) Disputes
Notwithstanding any provision of this Policy, in the event of any dispute or disagreement regarding the appropriateness or correctness of any diagnosis, we have the right to require an examination of the Dog or the evidence used in arriving at such diagnosis to be conducted by a party acknowledged to be an expert in the field of medicine concerned and as selected by us. The opinion of such expert on the diagnosis in dispute will be binding on you and us.
If you or anyone acting on your behalf fraudulently makes any claim under this Policy or obtains any sum payable under this Policy through fraudulent means or devices, all benefits paid under this Policy shall be forfeited and must be immediately repaid. This Policy will be terminated immediately and there will be no refund of premiums.
In the event of payment by us for any loss insured under this Policy, the Insured Amount shall thereafter be automatically reduced either:
a) in the case of total loss, by the amount of such payment, inclusive of any applicable deductible payable by you for each and every claim; or
b) in the case of reimbursement, by the actual cost of reimbursement, inclusive of any applicable deductible payable by you for each and every claim.
The maximum liability for each benefit during any one (1) Period of Insurance shall not exceed the Insured Amount.
All notices under this Policy must be in writing. If a notice has been posted to you, it shall be considered to be delivered in the normal course of post and received by you seven (7) days from the date of our posting of the notice to the address which you have stated in the application of this Policy, as the same may be changed and notified to us in writing. A notice shall be deemed delivered upon personal delivery to its recipient.
We will make payment under this Policy to such person who can give us proper discharge to our satisfaction and subject to our discretion.
These persons may include:
(a) you, as the policy owner;
(b) the executor if there is a will;
(c) the administrator, if there is no will; or
(d) the trustee, if there is a trust acceptable to us.
You must, as soon as practicable, notify us in writing if there is a change in your citizenship and/or usual country of residence. A change in the usual country of residence will be deemed to mean your living or intending to live in another country other than Singapore in excess of 12 consecutive months. We reserve the right and sole discretion to terminate or decline to renew the Policy or continue cover on prevailing or varied terms and conditions.

NOTE : All documented fees paid are refundable to your satisfaction with all or one of the above cases applicable.

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